3rd Day Worship Service at FUMC- Denton

3rd Day Worship is a new, family-oriented church service which is scheduled to kick off on December 18th in Flinn Hall. “I’ve always wanted to make worship more important to kiddos” says Reverend Deana Ferguson, head of Children’s Ministries, “I want to teach children how to get excited about worship and to help families learn to worship together.” The new service will be held once a month on the 3rd Sunday in Flinn Hall. Service will begin at 11:15am and is expected to end at noon.

Based on the success of a similar program at FUMC-Ft. Worth, 3rd Day Worship will combine traditional elements of Methodist liturgy with interactive activities and songs. The service is designed to appeal to a wide range of age groups from pre-k through elementary school aged children, their parents, and the church youth. The fun and interactive nature of the service will be facilitated both by offering youth members the opportunity to fill leadership roles in worship and through the Worship Arts Studio; a supporting activity where items to be used during 3rd Day Worship will be designed and constructed. Worship Arts Studio is planned to meet on Wednesday evenings.

It is important to distinguish 3rd Day Worship from children’s church. Parents are encouraged to participate with their young ones and form habits of togetherness in worship. “My prayer is that [3rd Day] makes being together in worship exciting and special for young families and that it will reach out to families that are anxious about being in the worship environment with their children” says Rev. Deana. “My hope is that [3rd Day] worship will help children connect with God and will be a major part of their lives.”

For more information about 3rd Day Worship Service or Worship Arts Studio please contact Rev. Deana Ferguson at (940) 382-5478 or by email at dferguson@fumc-denton.com.