What Is CMC?

Computer Mediated Communication or CMC, is generally defined as the use of technology to exchange, broadcast, or publish messages. It is difficult to determine the point CMC emerged but one school of thought places its origin with the exchange of prototype emails during the 1960s.

The founding of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC) in June 1995 established a focus on social science research which includes communication, business education, political science, sociology, media studies, information science, and other disciplines in its purview.

The evolution of communication technology has radically changed the world several times during the course of human history. From oral tradition, to fix-type print, to telegrams, to tweets, how we communicate has repeatedly revolutionized business practices, made the world smaller, and redefined culture.

The last two decades have demonstrated an exploding pace of change as the Millennial generation, which has been immersed in technology since birth, matures to adulthood. The potential for exponential propagation of messages, in a viral-like pattern, is one reason for intensified focus on CMC. Virtual teaming, cyber-crime, and e-learning are just a few examples of things to be considered today that have only recently emerged.

How you manage your communication has a real and lasting effect on your success.