Orange Thinking

Orange thinking is a concept of combining two powerful perspectives, aligning them strategically by establishing a common end, and synchronizing and integrating plans to bring about change.

The discipline of Psychology tells us that the color yellow represents ENERGY and the color red represents PASSION. Together they are orange which represents FOCUS and ENTHUSIASM, which is an ideal environment for change.

The challenge is implementation.  There are three steps to turning one’s thinking orange.

  1. The fist step is to identify where the energy in an organization comes from.  What is the brightest shining light and what is it shining on?
  2. The second step is to determine what driving forces exist.  Where does the passion lie?
  3. Finally, the energy and the passion need to be reoriented towards the same objective.

Aligning red and yellow forces creates an impact at a visceral level and it facilitates overcoming inertia inherent in the organization.  Like traffic cones, orange thinking enables movement towards making a change in the world.