The current state of leadership

Here are some questions your employee might be asking himself…
What am I learning in this organization?
Am I able to live?
Do I have time for other things?
Do I have friends here?
Do I understand my value?
Here, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has been superimposed onto a measured scale of employee engagement. The corelation to an employee’s sense of being valued is clear. If you are a leader who belives your employees are only there to collect a paycheck, then they will hover at the Security level of the paramid and will likely never engage.
You, Ms. Leader, make me feel disengaged from the organization when you think communication is not important …
When you hold me accountable for things I can not control …
When you withhold information about the direction of the organization so I don’t understand the value of my work …
When others have more influence with you than I do because your focus is upwards and not down …

Tags: #NatureofMan

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